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Set 2 Reusable Silicone Bags 1.5 Lts

Pack: 2 airtight storage bags of 1.5lts capacity.

reusable food storage bags, Made of 100% food grade silicone, airtight and durable, with a capacity of up to 1.5lts.

The silicone is also FDA and SGS approved, certifying that it does not contain BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC that could migrate into the food stored in the bag.

It contains an airtight seal and marks to know how many ml/cups it contains, being perfect for storing liquids such as soups and solids.

They resist extreme temperatures from -50ºC to 225ºC , which gives us the freedom to store our food in all environments, allowing it to extend its useful life, protect it from insects and also freeze portions of food so as not to waste it.

They are easy to clean, in the dishwasher or dishwasher and dry in a common china dryer.

Due to its high quality, the useful life of this product is many years, so we avoid the use of single-use plastic bags, due to their poor quality, they are disposable, often they are not recyclable either.

Pack 2 airtight storage bags of 1.5lts capacity.

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